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Corwin Beverage Empowers Employees Through Core Values Award

Matthew Sixkiller of Ridgefield has won the 2015 Core Values Award from Corwin Beverage Company. The award honors employees who demonstrate the Ridgefield-based company’s core values each day. Company core values are: Empowerment: Encourage passion for solutions, Education: Never stop learning, Community: Supporting the community that supports us, Integrity: Do what’s right and Customer Service: Deliver as promised.

“Matthew has a passion for great customer service,” Corwin Manager Ryan Monda, said. “His work ethic, upbeat attitude and friendly demeanor are second to none.”

Sixkiller has been an employee since 2014 at Corwin Beverage, where he works in the day warehouse. The award was announced at the Corwin quarterly, all-company meeting at the firm’s Ridgefield headquarters. Employees are nominated and chosen by Corwin employees.

Corwin Beverage is among the top performing beverage bottlers in the Pacific Northwest and a member of the Washington Beverage Association.

Max Sixkiller is the most recent winner of the Corwin Beverage Company Core Values Award.
Matthew Sixkiller is the most recent winner of the Corwin Beverage Company Core Values Award.


Making A Difference In Our Communities

Corwin Beverage employees and their families joined the Clark County PUD’s Stream Team on national “Make a Difference Day” on 10/24 to plant trees along a local Salmon Creek watershed.  Corwin Beverage has been a part of this day for the past several years.  Learn more about the Clark PUD’s year-round program here: http://www.clarkpublicutilities.com/index.cfm/our-environment/stream-team/ Stream Team4 2015 Stream Team1 2015

Swire Coca-Cola Gives $60K in Scholarships to Local High School Students

Our Bottler of the Month for November is Swire Coca-Cola, USA! In 2015, Swire Coca-Cola’s Northwest Division, based in Walla Walla, Wash., awarded three $20,000 Coca-Cola scholarships to standout students in the Pacific Northwest.

The 2015 Coca-Cola scholarship recipients are Wilson Guo of Moscow, Idaho; Anabel Moreno-Mendez of Umatilla, Ore.; and Annesh Pappu of Pullman, Wash. The scholars also received a customized 7.5oz Coca-Cola can with their name and “Scholar” printed on it.

“We are proud to support high school seniors who each have a unique story to share and are strong, young leaders in our communities,” said Jeff Deitrick, Northwest Division Manager, Swire Coca-Cola.

Swire Coca-Cola also provided each of the scholars with the opportunity to recognize an educator who influenced their success, allowing them each to present an “Educator of Distinction” award in the form of a crystal Coca-Cola bottle.

In addition to Swire Coca-Cola’s recognition of these three students and their educators, they presented the Walla Walla Rotary Club with a $2,500 donation to continue their support of high school students in their community.

Swire Coca-Cola, USA, a subsidiary within Swire Pacific’s Beverage Division, which has two production facilities located in Salt Lake City, Utah and in Fruitland, Idaho and 29 sales centers serving portions of 13 western states. Currently, its franchise territory extends through parts of Washington in the north to Arizona in the south and from California in the west to Nebraska in the east.

In April of 2015, Swire Beverages also signed a letter of intent with the Coca-Cola Company granting additional franchise territory in Arizona, to include Phoenix and Tucson. This follows previous territory grants in 2014, which expanded territories in eastern Colorado, including Denver and Colorado Springs.

To learn more about Swire Coca-Cola, visit: http://www.swirecc.com/.

Northwest Division Manager, Jeff Deitrick, presents a $2,500 check to the Walla Walla Noon Rotary Club, which provides scholarships to Walla Walla valley students.
Northwest Division Manager, Jeff Deitrick, presents a $2,500 check to the Walla Walla Noon Rotary Club, which provides scholarships to Walla Walla valley students.
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation / Joseph B. Whitehead Educator of Distinction Award, crystal Coca-Cola bottle and personal letter is presented by the Coca-Cola Scholar to their teacher.
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation / Joseph B. Whitehead Educator of Distinction Award, crystal Coca-Cola bottle and personal letter is presented by the Coca-Cola Scholar to their teacher.

Corwin Beverage Gears Up For Its Annual Tuition Toss!

Our October Bottler of the Month is Corwin Beverage Company, a fourth generation family-owned business that has sold beverages in Southwest Washington since 1941. The company has grown from one truck and three employees nearly 70 years ago, to over 100 trucks and more than 100 employees today. Corwin has established a long tradition of award-winning sales and service. In the Vancouver community, people know Corwin as the “Pepsi people.” They are active in supporting the communities in which they work through scholarships, partnerships, donations and community service activities.

This month, Corwin is partnering with Dr Pepper for its annual High School Football Tuition Toss. The program provides two local senior high school students with $1,000 each in tuition to be applied to the school of their choice. First, local high schools submit PowerPoint presentations or 30 to 60 second videos on why their school should be chosen for the Tuition Toss. From those submissions, Corwin will choose two high schools as finalists.

To build excitement, Corwin will attend a fall pep rally at each school to support attendance at the upcoming game and explain the program. Students from each school will vote on and select four throw competitors for the tuition toss during halftime at an upcoming football game. Corwin also provides opportunities for additional students to participate during the day of the event through event set up and sampling of Corwin’s beverage products at the game. This allows local high school students to learn more about the beverage industry and future career paths. It also gives them experience with event planning and management.

During the halftime Tuition Toss, competitors set-up at mid-field in front of their respected targets.   Each competitor gets the opportunity to throw 12 footballs through the target and the student that makes the most will be presented with a $1,000 check on the field.

Last year’s winners included Taylor Holeman, from Ridgefield High School, who is currently attending North Carolina State University and Akari Baba from Prairie High School, who is at Clark College in Vancouver Washington.   This year’s winners will be announced in late October.

To learn more about Corwin Beverage Company, visit: http://www.corwinbevco.com/

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Akari Baba, 2014 Winner from Prairie High School.
Akari Baba, 2014 Winner from Prairie High School.
Ridgefield High School Leadership Students 2014
Ridgefield High School Leadership Students 2014


Announcing WBA Bottler of the Month!

We are launching WBA Bottler of the Month! Each month we will spotlight a member and showcase who they are and their commitment to the local community.

Check back soon to see who our first Bottler of the Month is!

Setting the Record Straight on Coca-Cola And Scientific Research

Post courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company


As the Chief Technical Officer of The Coca-Cola Company, I am responsible for developing new beverages, ensuring that all of our drinks are safe and overseeing our scientific research partnerships – and I was dismayed to read the recent New York Times’ inaccurate portrayal of our company and our support of the Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN). The story claimed Coke is funding scientific research to convince people that diets don’t matter – only exercise. In fact, that is the complete opposite of our approach to business and well-being and nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, we fund scientific research through GEBN and we are proud to support the work that scientists such as Dr. Jim Hill and Dr. Steve Blair do – because their type of research is critical to finding solutions to the global obesity crisis.

At Coke, we believe that a balanced diet and regular exercise are two key ingredients for a healthy lifestyle and that is reflected in both our long-term and short-term business actions.

In fact, not only have we joined with America’s food and beverage industry to promote moderation and healthy eating across the United States, we are doing this globally.

Our business strategy is for more people to enjoy our products more often, but with exactly the size, calories and content that fit their lifestyles. And from top to bottom at Coca-Cola, we have called on our people to innovate on more natural products, to create low-and-no calorie options – and to simply make our packages smaller.

People are smart and they are buying the products that fit their lives – whether water, juice, diet or full calorie drinks – we are listening and responding.                                                                     DrHays_BubblingUpBlog

Dr. Ed Hays is the Chief Technical Officer of The Coca-Cola Company. 


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