Call to Action:

Please oppose the regressive 1.75 cent per ounce beverage tax proposed in SB 5371. If passed, this proposed tax would increase economic hardships for consumers and restaurants struggling to make ends meet during this devastating pandemic. Washington voters rejected a similar beverage tax twice already. Visit here to tell your legislators to vote NO on SB 5371.

The Washington Beverage Association represents beverage producers, bottlers and distributors across Washington state.

For more than 100 years, our industry has been committed to making quality beverages for customers and offering them a choice. The beverage industry is making it easier for customers to choose beverages that are right for them with clear calorie labels, fewer calorie options and smaller portions.

At the Washington Beverage Association, we support Keep Seattle Livable in their opposition to the Seattle beverage tax. Our industry is dedicated to supporting small businesses as well as the local communities it serves. Washington’s beverage companies and their employees contribute $29.6 million to charitable causes across the state.

We also play an important role in the state’s economy by providing good-paying jobs and paying significant tax dollars to the state and the federal government. Our industry provides 4,580 jobs to the local community and has a direct economic impact of $3.5 billion in Washington state.

Stay up to date with information around our initiatives, our impact in the community and local bottlers on our blog Bubbling Up.

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