In October of 2016, The Pacific Northwest Food Industries Circle (PNWFIC) and City of Hope celebrated two decades as partners in the search to cure life threatening diseases at the 28th Annual City of Hope Harvest Celebration Ball. The annual fall event is attended by representatives from all facets of the food industry including retail, wholesale, manufacturing and other related services. Members of The PNWFIC are recognized for their generosity, dedication and support of City of Hope’s patient care and research.


Keith Kawachi, Market Direct for Pepsi of Seattle and a member of the City of Hope Executive Committee was recognized for his ongoing contributions to the organization. The PNWFIC works to leverage customer and supplier relations to raise money and resources for City of Hope. Keith, along with the rest of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, are essential in the planning and organizing of the many events hosted across the Pacific Northwest.


Congrats to Keith of Pepsi-Seattle!



Based in California, City of Hope is a research and treatment center for life-threatening diseases including cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. At City of Hope, scientists and researchers work with doctors to treat both the physical and emotional needs of patients.